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Bar code labels Custom Bar code labels Preprinted Barcode labels

Order Barcode Labels Online - Express Barcode Printing Service

Preprinted bar code labels:

  • Fast turn-around time - most barcode label orders ship within 24 to 48 hrs.
  • Thermal Transfer barcode label printing.
  • Your specified barcode label numeric sequences.
  • 100% first-read, every-read guarantee pre-printed bar code labels.

Application for preprinted barcode labels:

  • Barcode Labels for Library Books 
  • Merchandise Barcode Labels 
  • Quality and Warranty Control
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Document Tracking

Free Setup! No Express Bar Code Printing Service Fee!

Item #

Price Per Thousand

1,000 3,000 5,000 10,000

for up to 9 digits                            

label 1.5x1 std poly Standard 1.5" X 1" Polyester/Permanent $74.75 $59.80 $49.84 $38.27
label 1.5x1 dup poly Duplicate 1.5" X 1" Polyester/Permanent $115.75 $98.39 $83.63 $71.08

or up to 14 digits                               
label 2x1 std poly Standard 2" X 1" Polyester/Permanent $74.75 $59.80 $49.84 $38.27
label 2x1 dup poly Duplicate 2" X 1" Polyester/Permanent $115.75 $98.39 $83.63 $71.08

Other Standard Sizes
label 1.25x.4375 std poly Standard 1.25"x.4375" Polyester/Permanent $99.86 $79.89 $65.91 $51.13
label 1.25x.4375 dup poly Duplicate 1.25"x.4375" Polyester/Permanent $145.81 $119.83 $98.95 $77.65
label 2x1 std paper Standard 2"x1"


$50.00 $42.50 $36.13 $30.71

For Quantity 10,000 or more or if you can't find the barcode labels you want from the above chart,  call for a custom barcode 800-988-1914 or E-mail:

*Note: Prices per thousand Select the price break in accordance to quantity order. Online order instructions -

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Barcode Label
Item Number: 1.5x1stdpoly: 
Item Number: 1.5x1duppoly: 
Item Number: 2x1stdpoly: 
Item Number: 2x1duppoly: 
Item Number: 1.25x.4375poly: 
Item Number: 1.25x.4375duppoly: 
Item Number: 2x1stdpaper: 
Starting Number (for Code 39/Code 128):
Constant Number (for UPC/ISBN):
Human Readable: 
Text Above Barcode:

Label Dispenser for Polyester/Paper Labels up to 3.0" Wide
Label Dispenser for Polyester/Paper Labels up to 3.0" Wide

Label Dispenser for Polyester/Paper Labels up to 4" Wide
Label Dispenser for Polyester/Paper Labels up to 4" Wide


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